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VeriCrim offers Straight Forward and Speedy Criminal and Background Checks with results available within 5 business hours. No need to be delayed with your SACE registration process, as we can assist with a police clearance report.

Criminal Check

Biometric Criminal Check

Fingerprints of the candidate is obtained and a verification is done against the South African Police Service database to determine if the candidate has a criminal record.

Background Screening

Various reports can be obtained to verify the background of the candidate.


EyeDetect is the first nonintrusive lie detection technology that accurately detects deception in 30 minutes by analyzing eye behavior.


We can assist with any fraud investigation. This can also include any tracing of an individual or company.

All investigations are done by a Certified Fraud examiner (CFE)


VeriCrim can assist you to remove your criminal record if older than ten years, no new offence has occurred, and the fine was not more than R20 000.00.  Contact us to help determine if you qualify for the expungement.


First time applications only. Renewal applications need to be done by the client themselves

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